Thursday, December 31, 2009

Our year in review 2009

2009 in a nut shell: (Not in chronological order).

-We spent New Year's in Phoenix with my family.
-We also attended the Fiesta Bowl Parade.
- visited my Mom's grave site. I was sad and cried. My children gave me lots of love that day.
-I lost a family member to suicide. That made me very, very sad.
-We spent Spring break in Colorado Springs visiting Greg's family.
-Our daughter turned 5.
-Our son turned 7.
-We planted a garden.
-We enjoyed fresh vegetables from our garden.
-I tried new recipes. Surprisingly, no one contracted salmonella or mad cow disease from my cooking.
-Our son learned to tie his shoes.
-I volunteered my time teaching homeless women how to make jewelry. This put a smile on their faces and I felt good.
You can read more about the homeless shelter here
-Our son learned to roller skate. He skated all night long, I had to practically drag him out of the roller rink.
-We said good bye to our beloved cat of 14 years, Domino. We all cried.
-Our daughter started Kindergarten. I cried.
-Our daughter learned to read.
-My Hubby led the school children on a Mountain hike. When asked, "What was your favorite part?" Most of them said, "When he taught us about deer poop and what it looks like." We laughed.
-Our son lost a tooth.
-We attended the annual "Gurule Family Reunion" in Quemado, NM.
-We visited the Grand Canyon. It was rainy.
-My brother, his wife and their 3 children came to visit us. We had a great time.
-My In Laws came to visit. My son got his first BB gun from Grandpa. It was a nice visit.
-We visited the Grand Canyon again. It was hot and sunny.
-Our children turned into "Tree huggers". Literally.
-Our son started Tae kwon do. He is currently a yellow belt.
-My son and I completed a 4 mile run in the mountains. My son made better time than I did.
-I tried a new hair do. Decided it wasn't for me.
-We attended the "Albuquerque balloon fiesta". It was cold and windy. -We ate some delicious New Mexican cuisine at the fiesta. I was very happy.
-My Hubby turned 37.
-My Hubby said farewell to a long time employee who decided to move to Utah.
-I turned 37. I didn't cry.
-Our son broke his arm. He and I both cried.
-I found out I was pregnant. I cried, again.
-Our son had 2 titanium rods inserted into his arm. He cried, I didn't.
-My morning sickness kicked in. I was mad.
-Our son had his rods removed. Neither of us cried. He felt crummy.
-Our son had cast and stitches removed. He screamed bloody murder.
-The very last day of 2009......I heard my baby's heartbeat. I was glad. I did a *happy* dance!

Watch out 2010, here come the Bernhardt bunch, with one more addition on the way.
Can't wait to see what adventures await us.

Happy New Year, everyone!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

All aboard

Here it is.
My blog.
My very own blog.

I've been interested in starting my own blog for quite sometime.
Why Not?
It's not like I'm busy in my every day life.
I can blog when the cleaning lady comes once a week to scrub my floors, do my laundry, wash the dishes and vacuum.
Or, when I'm at the spa getting my weekly mani/pedi.
I can blog when my children are in school and I have nothing better to do except sit around eating bon bons and watching my daily Soap Operas.

Ha. Ok, so none of that is true. Truth is.....I don't have any time to blog.
I just thought I'd throw it into my daily list of "Things to do" because I'm a little crazy.

Honestly, I think it's a great way to keep my family and friends updated on our chaotic life.
Living in the mountains, married to my wonderful Husband of 9 years and being a stay at home Mom of 2, soon to be 3 children is never without it's fair share of adventures.

When was the last time you stepped out your front door and took a short walk to the highway to cheer on a bunch of cyclists doing a 17 mile, all up hill road race?
My daughter proudly adorned her bicycle helmet and walked her bike to the barricade to yell, "Good job, you can do it, almost there!" to all of the participants.
My son and his friend also helped to cheer all the cyclists on to the finish line.

So, here it goes........
Welcome to "The Chronicles of all things Mommy".
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