Thursday, December 31, 2009

Our year in review 2009

2009 in a nut shell: (Not in chronological order).

-We spent New Year's in Phoenix with my family.
-We also attended the Fiesta Bowl Parade.
- visited my Mom's grave site. I was sad and cried. My children gave me lots of love that day.
-I lost a family member to suicide. That made me very, very sad.
-We spent Spring break in Colorado Springs visiting Greg's family.
-Our daughter turned 5.
-Our son turned 7.
-We planted a garden.
-We enjoyed fresh vegetables from our garden.
-I tried new recipes. Surprisingly, no one contracted salmonella or mad cow disease from my cooking.
-Our son learned to tie his shoes.
-I volunteered my time teaching homeless women how to make jewelry. This put a smile on their faces and I felt good.
You can read more about the homeless shelter here
-Our son learned to roller skate. He skated all night long, I had to practically drag him out of the roller rink.
-We said good bye to our beloved cat of 14 years, Domino. We all cried.
-Our daughter started Kindergarten. I cried.
-Our daughter learned to read.
-My Hubby led the school children on a Mountain hike. When asked, "What was your favorite part?" Most of them said, "When he taught us about deer poop and what it looks like." We laughed.
-Our son lost a tooth.
-We attended the annual "Gurule Family Reunion" in Quemado, NM.
-We visited the Grand Canyon. It was rainy.
-My brother, his wife and their 3 children came to visit us. We had a great time.
-My In Laws came to visit. My son got his first BB gun from Grandpa. It was a nice visit.
-We visited the Grand Canyon again. It was hot and sunny.
-Our children turned into "Tree huggers". Literally.
-Our son started Tae kwon do. He is currently a yellow belt.
-My son and I completed a 4 mile run in the mountains. My son made better time than I did.
-I tried a new hair do. Decided it wasn't for me.
-We attended the "Albuquerque balloon fiesta". It was cold and windy. -We ate some delicious New Mexican cuisine at the fiesta. I was very happy.
-My Hubby turned 37.
-My Hubby said farewell to a long time employee who decided to move to Utah.
-I turned 37. I didn't cry.
-Our son broke his arm. He and I both cried.
-I found out I was pregnant. I cried, again.
-Our son had 2 titanium rods inserted into his arm. He cried, I didn't.
-My morning sickness kicked in. I was mad.
-Our son had his rods removed. Neither of us cried. He felt crummy.
-Our son had cast and stitches removed. He screamed bloody murder.
-The very last day of 2009......I heard my baby's heartbeat. I was glad. I did a *happy* dance!

Watch out 2010, here come the Bernhardt bunch, with one more addition on the way.
Can't wait to see what adventures await us.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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