Wednesday, August 4, 2010

This too shall Pass

This is what my Mom would always say when ever I was dealing with a difficult situation.
I need those words of encouragement and hope today.
I love my baby boy and I'm so glad he's here on this earth with us.
However, I'm having a difficult time dealing with him lately. He wants to be held by his Mom 24/7.
Believe me, I'd love to do nothing else but sit around all day and hold my precious baby, but I also have 2 other children and a Husband who are in need of my attention too.
I need to take a shower and clean the house and do laundry so this leaves me limited time to hold him.
I needed a break today! I put him in his crib while I jumped into the shower, needless to say he cried the whole time.
I feel awful for letting him cry but I didn't have a choice.
I do know that someday "This too shall pass".
It gives me hope that the days won't always be this difficult.
Excuse me now while I go and hold my baby.

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