Friday, February 4, 2011

Some random stuff

We went on a family bike ride about 3 weeks ago. The weather was gorgeous and we rode about 4 miles. It was my first time using the bike trailer to bring baby along.
 All went well, except for the one wipe out I had when a 9 year old kid crashed into me which in turn made me crash and fall off my bike. It was quite a site to see.
I was fine and the only one I was really worried about was the baby, but he was unharmed.
The boys' parents apologized profusely and I just smiled and dusted myself off.

The day before our bike ride, Hubby took the older two kiddos on a hike. I decided to take the baby and do some shopping. Wasn't up for a hike. They had a good time though and enjoyed the beautiful view of the city.

Had a friend and her baby girl over for dinner. The babies weren't quite sure what to do with each other except suck on each others faces. It was very cute.

What else have we been up to? Let's see? My oldest son got 100% on his spelling test this week. Nothing really exciting about that because he usually gets 100%. Yes, I'm bragging.
My daughter got moved up to a new reading group. Bragging, again.
Our baby started crawling around, he's using one of his legs, but he hasn't figured out how to use both of his legs to help him move along.

That's really about all the excitement around here. Well, there's always my anxiety that keeps things fun and exciting. I seriously hope to slay that demon soon, because I've had it with anxiety and depression!
Have a great weekend!

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