Monday, July 25, 2011

Happy Birthday, Baby!

I'm very late posting this, but our little guy turned 1 on June 24th.

It still blows my mind as to how the time can go by so fast. I still remember the very first day I held him in my arms and how I wanted to capture that moment in my mind and keep it forever.
He is a very active boy. He likes music, he goes back and forth between being a "Mama's boy" and a "Daddy's boy". One minute he wants to be held and cuddled by me and the next he's crying for his Dad.
He isn't speaking much, but does say, "Mama, Dada, Wow". He also knows the sign for "More" and "Please".
All in all he is a joy to have around and we are so glad we have our little "Bonus" baby.

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