Friday, January 1, 2010

It's days like these when I miss you the most

Days when my kids won't stop arguing.
Days when I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.
Days when I want to make enchiladas for my family, but I can never quite seem to get the recipe right and make it as delicious as you used to.
Days when I'm lonely and I just need someone to talk to.
Days when I want to tell you something cute or funny that one of the kids said.
Days when I feel like I'm having a nervous break down and I just need a shoulder to cry on.
Days when I've created something with my own two hands and I want you to know that I really did inherit your creative gene.
Days when I'm nursing my son's broken arm and I want you to tell me how to make it all better.
Days when I hear my unborn baby's heartbeat for the first time and I'm overwhelmed with emotion.
Days when I want to ask you if you see me as a child when you see my Daughter.
Days when I've had a rough day and I want you to comb your fingers through my hair and tell me, " Everything is going to be ok".
Days when I want you to see what a pretty good person I've grown up to be.
Days when people you used to know say, "Wow, you look just like her".
Days when I hear someone playing the piano and it brings tears to my eyes because it makes me think about you and the beautiful music you used to play.
Days when I look down at my hands and for a moment I swear that I see your hands.

Today is that day. Every day is that day.
I miss you every day of my life. I'm so grateful that I had you in my life for 23 years. You were my best friend.
I love you, Mom!
Love always, Your Daughter


  1. That was beautiful. Especially, "Today is that day. Every day is that day."

    Sometimes It's hard to comprehend that we'll be that same person for our children. That our daughters will some day think of us that way.

  2. I just found your blog through JennyPenny. What a beautiful post.

  3. Oh, Jae, that is beautiful! I feel the same way about my mom.

  4. Oh ~ What a beautiful heart breaking poem. I can hear the pain & I can totally understand it. My mom is my best friend & I actually pray that I don't die because I want my babies to have a mama.

    Jeana I got the biggest goosebumps reading the story of your moethr & her accident. I wish I could say something more but my heart is broken for you completely. I just want to hug you! (And to tell you the truth I am not a huggie person:) I can remember the complete shock & terror of LuAnn's death & how hard it was. I cannot imagine it happening to my mom. With such a tragic death I don't know how to ever get past that pain.

    Yes. LuAnn would be a great friend for your Mom in heaven! Thanks for sharing about her with me! I hope I get to know her more through following your blog!

    Please feel free to write when you are missing her. I would love to be able to just listen. I will pray also for you & your family & for those kiddos of yours!

    Watch out for that 3rd baby. My third babe has turned my life upside down...& of course I love it! Most days :) Congrats!

  5. JaeAna, I love your blog...and love your post about your is so true. Since our lives intersected at the point of your Mom's death, I can say that, your Mom would be very proud of the wonderful daughter, woman, wife and Mom you have become. She raised a beautiful daughter to carry on the legacy of a beautiful Mom. And... you are doing the same :o) Love you!!! Vicki

  6. So sweet, I'm so sorry for your loss Jae, I know all to well about losing a loved one. My Dad passed away when I was only 15, and I miss him like CRAZY too, especially now that I have a family, I so wish my kids would have known him.

    I also did a post a while back, when it was his birthday!!

    I feel blessed to have at least the memories I have of him, and am thankful, for that everyday!!

    Bella :)


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