Wednesday, November 17, 2010

2:57 A.M.

2:57 A.M.
I find myself getting up at very strange hours of the early morning with my little guy.
Seems as though he isn't ready so sleep through the night yet.
As much as I want to complain and cry and pull my hair out, I won't.
I realize that our little ones grow way too fast. Before I know it they'll be off to College.
My oldest son is already 8. I have memories of rocking him to sleep at night when he was a baby.
Now, I'm lucky if I get a hug from him before bedtime each night.
My Mom always said that the time goes by too fast.
I agree.
 Life is good, especially at 2:57 A.M.

1 comment:

  1. Amen. My 2-year-old (plus four months) is STILL not sleeping through the night most nights. We put him into a big-boy bed last month, and now instead of us going into his room to comfort him at 2 a.m., he comes into our bed to comfort us at that hour. :) And I really do love it.


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