Thursday, November 25, 2010

A wholelotta Thankfulness!!

I had each of our family members write down on a piece of paper two things they were thankful for.
I put them in a bowl and then at the dinner table, we each picked out two pieces of paper and shared what was written down.
Here goes:
Hubby is thankful for our family and that everyone is healthy.
My Oldest son is thankful for God and the world and family.
Daughter is thankful for Good (God) and her baby brother.
I'm not sure what baby brother is thankful for but it probably has something to do with food. He loves to eat!
I am thankful for friends and family and that everyone is also healthy.
Isn't it interesting that we all are thankful for family? So happy to have our newest member of the family join us for this special day. I'm very thankful for each one of my children and I'm especially thankful for my wonderful, hard working, keeps me laughing, protector and provider Husband!

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